IEEE Membership

Student Member of the IEEE

August 2005 – December 2014.

Associated with IEEE Delhi Section, India Council and Region 10. 

Affiliated to Dallas Section

Major Milestones


[1]. Chairperson of the IEEE EXECOM 2008-09 for IGIT Student Branch.[2]. Awarded the “Active Student Volunteer” Pin by Former IEEE R10 Director, Dr. Janina Mazierska.

[3]. Awarded the Delhi Section Dr. J.K.Paul Memorial Award for outstanding contribution to IEEE Delhi Section.

[4]. Member of Women in Engineering, IEEE.

[5]. Attended the IEEE International R-10 conference ‘R-10 Student Congress (Asia-Pacific)’ from the 28th -30th January, 2008 in Chennai as a sponsored student by Delhi Section.

[6]. Awarded “Best Exhibition award” in the Exhibition for student branches held at the R10 Student Congress 2008 in Chennai.

[7]. Student Editor of “e-Expresso”, IGIT IEEE’s e-journal launched in the August 2008.

[8]. A member of the organising team of IGIT’s IEEE fest: IMPULSE’07.

[9]. Article ‘Why is it a taboo for most Indian girls’ has been published in the December issue of the IEEE WIE magazine Launch Issue and paid an honorarium $100 USD for it.


New Initiatives started for Student Branch during tenure as Chairperson


[1]. Involvement with IEEE Region 10 Global Integrated Network for IEEE (GINI) and initiation of 2 new student branches. [2]. Launch of e-journal “e-Expresso” with 4 issues, widely appreciated by Senior IEEE and GOLD members.

[3]. Launch of student branch website:

[4]. Celebration of IEEE Delhi Section’s 3rd Quarterly Meet in Sep 2008.

[5]. Increase in membership from 80 to 190 in the year 2008 -09.

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