Feminism is not for sale

It has always served in the interests of consumerism to place people in mutually exclusive boxes.
“The feminist” label is put in one such box. It commonly refers to men-hating, pants-clad, shark-like females.

The feminist label is deemed inconvenient for the entertainment, beauty, jewelry and fashion industries — the four industries that profit-hunkering businesses associate with women.

Males are consequently put in a box that tells them they must earn more than women, encourages their involvement in all things macho and dissociates them from any display of emotion, save for immature displays of male sexuality.

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Third Place Feature Writing : Still Dreaming

7d0a3384-1050x700It was Election Day in 2008 and Abigail Cortes and her mom were watching the election results. Both were upset that Cortes’ brother, Elio Zapote, had wanted to visit a friend at UTD that night instead of watching the results with them.

Sometime that Tuesday evening the phone rang, and Cortes picked up. Zapote’s friend was frantic on the other end.

“They’ve got him. They’ve got him,” the friend yelled.

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Honorable Mention : Trapped in Gaza

img_04051-1050x700What should have been a time for joy and celebration quickly turned into a race against death and missiles, when days after her sister’s wedding, a student watched firsthand Israel’s air, land and sea offensive within the Gaza Strip.

Rawan Muhanna found herself stuck in the midst of conflict, cooped up at home for fear of being hit under the open skies, living in uncertainty for two weeks until the American consulate arranged an evacuation for her family through Jordan.

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Response to immigration reform tepid

President Obama’s executive action on immigration reform announced on Nov. 20 has received mixed reactions from members of the Hispanic community.

His reforms are not historic or very different from what many presidents of either party have passed before him, said Cristina Garcia, deputy state director for young adults for Texas’ League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC.

“I’m not extremely happy with it,” she said. “I think the President played it very safe politically, but that’s exactly what it is — politics.”

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On the Frontlines

american-flag3-1050x602Retired Air Force Col. Kim Olson will visit campus March 26 to speak about women in combat as part of a series of events celebrating Women’s History Month.

Olson, who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and retired after 25 years of service in 2014, authored “Iraq and Back: Inside the War to Win the Peace.” She is also the CEO of Grace After Fire, a nonprofit that provides assistance to female veterans.

She said her talk will focus on women as warriors in all professions and about how the workforce and economy have changed.

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Women vets struggle with system

B-52 bomber helps vets segue into school

Brooklyn native takes pride in Navy experience

Sorority support taught vet civil survival


Suspected victim shares her story

When alumnus Nicholas Rotundo’s friends heard he had been charged for cyber-stalking and intrusion, they were shocked and couldn’t believe the news.

During his time at UTD, Rotundo was involved with several student organizations, including Student Government, Mu Epsilon Kappa and the Student Union Activities Advisory Board.

His friends described him as a computer savvy, moral and an upstanding individual. He was talented enough to land a job at Google after graduating.

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img_5735-1050x700The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools reviewed, starting in 2013, UTD and the Arts and Technology program after accusations were made by a student that the program was not up to academic standards.

While the ATEC program was cleared on all counts as of June 2014, the university awaits a decision on two counts of compliance.

The review was initiated after a former ATEC doctoral student, Leslie McMillin, filed a complaint in 2013 with SACS, the accrediting institution for UTD, alleging lack of discursive rigor in the ATEC Ph.D. program.

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