Feminism is not for sale

It has always served in the interests of consumerism to place people in mutually exclusive boxes.
“The feminist” label is put in one such box. It commonly refers to men-hating, pants-clad, shark-like females.

The feminist label is deemed inconvenient for the entertainment, beauty, jewelry and fashion industries — the four industries that profit-hunkering businesses associate with women.

Males are consequently put in a box that tells them they must earn more than women, encourages their involvement in all things macho and dissociates them from any display of emotion, save for immature displays of male sexuality.

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Passive elections, leaders contribute to indifference

Student apathy toward campus issues is often a direct consequence of passive leadership.

Student bodies across the nation have boasted of widespread activist endeavors in the past, which include fighting for civil rights and protesting against the Vietnam War.

Yet, as arguably the most-informed generation to date slowly trickles into the work force, it leaves behind a legacy of apathy toward activism and awareness on college campuses.

The story isn’t very different at UTD.

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Craving diversity, less is more when studying overseas

It’s that time of year again when the campus is filling back up, freshmen are moving in and bus loads of international students are stepping onto Texas soil for perhaps the first time in their lives.

Watching the sun rise on another glorious August morning volunteering on one such bus from the airport, with excited conversation milling around me, I found myself remembering my very first day in the United States.

Well, technically, all I recall from that day is feeling tired and grimy after almost 26 hours of flying trans-Atlantic from India via Frankfurt. Hot wind flapped across my face as I rode to campus in a volunteer’s poorly air conditioned car, yet at the same time I felt grateful for the large and helpful Indian presence at UTD.

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