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Third Place Feature Writing : Still Dreaming

7d0a3384-1050x700It was Election Day in 2008 and Abigail Cortes and her mom were watching the election results. Both were upset that Cortes’ brother, Elio Zapote, had wanted to visit a friend at UTD that night instead of watching the results with them.

Sometime that Tuesday evening the phone rang, and Cortes picked up. Zapote’s friend was frantic on the other end.

“They’ve got him. They’ve got him,” the friend yelled.

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Honorable Mention : Trapped in Gaza

img_04051-1050x700What should have been a time for joy and celebration quickly turned into a race against death and missiles, when days after her sister’s wedding, a student watched firsthand Israel’s air, land and sea offensive within the Gaza Strip.

Rawan Muhanna found herself stuck in the midst of conflict, cooped up at home for fear of being hit under the open skies, living in uncertainty for two weeks until the American consulate arranged an evacuation for her family through Jordan.

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On the Frontlines

american-flag3-1050x602Retired Air Force Col. Kim Olson will visit campus March 26 to speak about women in combat as part of a series of events celebrating Women’s History Month.

Olson, who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and retired after 25 years of service in 2014, authored “Iraq and Back: Inside the War to Win the Peace.” She is also the CEO of Grace After Fire, a nonprofit that provides assistance to female veterans.

She said her talk will focus on women as warriors in all professions and about how the workforce and economy have changed.

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Women vets struggle with system

B-52 bomber helps vets segue into school

Brooklyn native takes pride in Navy experience

Sorority support taught vet civil survival


Suspected victim shares her story

When alumnus Nicholas Rotundo’s friends heard he had been charged for cyber-stalking and intrusion, they were shocked and couldn’t believe the news.

During his time at UTD, Rotundo was involved with several student organizations, including Student Government, Mu Epsilon Kappa and the Student Union Activities Advisory Board.

His friends described him as a computer savvy, moral and an upstanding individual. He was talented enough to land a job at Google after graduating.

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A show of faith

Editor’s note:

Students interviewed for this article constitute a random cross-section of religions and is in no means complete in its coverage of all faiths. The views of sources interviewed for this article are their personal accounts and not necessarily representative of the faith in entirety.turban-web-1050x700

Iqbal Gill remembers being bullied in the first grade for wearing a turban and having long hair.

He remembers coming home one day and making the painful decision to take his turban off, despite his parents asking him not to.

“I’m not going to lie; it was sad,” Gill, now a biology sophomore at UTD, said. “It was hard.”

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Decoding Religion: Sikhism

mp_decodereligion-copyEvery Friday, Prabhmanmeet Singh goes to the Gurdwara Singh Sabha of North Texas in Richardson and meditates quietly to be at peace with himself and connect with God. 

Singh, a computer science graduate student, has been following the ritual since he was 10. When he first started meditating, he questioned his religious teachers about the meaning of God. 

The answer to the question, they said, was in the “Mool Mantar,” or the main vision, of the Guru Granth Sahib, a scripture better known as The Guru. 

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