Theoretical Optimization

Talks and Presentations: Graduate

“Advertising on Facebook: Viral Views” at the Big XII+ Symposium, 2014, Norman Oklahoma.

“Analysis of Advertising Spending on Facebook: Impact of Viral Views”at WITS 2013, Milan Italy.

“Microsoft Server and Tools” at the MIS Case Study, Graduate division in February 2014.

“Optimal Advertising Policy on Facebook” at Informs 2013, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Monetizing Viral Impressions: Advertiser Dependent Price Differentiation” at Informs 2013, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Talks and Presentations: Undergraduate

[1]. Prakrita- An Application to optimize consumption of energy resources through mass participation” at the IEEE Annual Region 10 Conference, IEEE TENCON 2008 (Nov 2008).

[2]. Prakrita- A game theory Approach to optimize power consumption” at the ISTE DAY 2008 Conference on “Technology for Rural India: Challenges and Perspectives” (June 2008).

[3]. ‘Recent Trends in Cochlear Implant Technology: Its Drawbacks and Future Prospects’, INFOXPRESSIONS’06 at School of Information Technology, GGSIP University, Delhi.

[4]. ‘An Efficient Lie Detector using Artificial Neural Network’ at CSI-Algorythms’07’, Jamia Milia Islamia, at IEEE IMPULSE’06, IGIT and IETE fest- School of Information Technology.

[5]. “Prakrita- an Application to optimize consumption of natural resources through mass participation” at Bharatiya Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering at Elcoblitz’08.

[6].“Iris Recognition System: A Unique Approach” at the National Symposium conducted by IEEE at Bharatiya Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering in Jan 2009.

First position in Symposium talk, “Women in Africa” in August 2003 in Africa Week organized by Springdales school and South African High Commission. 

Impact of viral views on Facebook’s advertising revenue

IS literature has examined social networks from the perspectives of advertisement targeting, impact of central nodes and network characteristics on information diusion. As a result, paid ad campaigns are not well understood and there is uncertainty with respect to how much an advertiser should spend and for how long, particularly as advertisers may control spending across the campaign duration. This paper attempts to fill this gap and analyzes the optimal advertising strategy for rms on Facebook. Results indicate there are distinct regions where Facebooks revenue decreases as sharing increases, just as there exist regions where Facebook’s revenue increases with sharing. This leads us to examine the possible causes behind advertiser spending behavior, and the explanation as to why viral views might both complement and substitute for ad spending.

Full Paper from WITS 2013, Milan here.