Who am I?

I embody a bold and empathetic leadership style and am passionate about solving gender issues using technology. I have a background in Data Science, with a Ph.D. in Management Science. I believe data can be instrumental in product design and feel motivated when I work on designing user-friendly technology that can have a broader impact on peoples’ lives.

I am a believer in true globalization — preserving diversity in cultures, languages and heritage — while continuing to partner across national borders and improve people’s lives.

I currently work as a Principal Product Manager at Sabre, where, everyday, I work on our Lodging product platform to impact travel experience for our corporate travelers. In the B2B space, sometimes, it is so easy to forget that we impact actual people through our day jobs, their stay experiences in hotels, and how much our work can make or break someone’s trip, or impact their business. Thinking about my customers keeps me grounded in doing the job I do everyday, as I work on data-driven product roadmaps and strategies that can catapult our lodging platform into enabling a Gen Z stay experience for corporate travelers.

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My experience in data science, product management, as well as my cross-functional collaboration experience across UX, customers and development help me bring a unique, customer-friendly, data-driven approach to product strategy and design.

As a data scientist, I worked on several customer facing projects for airline and hospitality partners, transferring customer insights, data insights and knowledge to scrum teams integrating my prototype into production environments. I also acquired the experience to present insights to customers using easy-to-understand data visualizations and presentations

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At Sabre, for the past 4 years, I have been deeply involved with our Young Professionals ERG. I started on the Marketing Committee as a member, and participated in the first consulting project our ERG did in 2016. Since then, I’ve gone on to serve as a President for the ERG, managing a significant budget for 10 of our chapters around the globe, even as I, along with my Co-President, continue to set the strategy for the organization, changing it into a truly global and diverse entity.

As a former researcher, I am used to working on multiple projects at the same time, coordinating with my committee and team mates. I don’t think I can truly determine the direction for a product without digging into the root cause!

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I have also worked at my college newspaper, The Mercury, for five years. I moved up from a contributor to staff writer to features editor in less than a year, despite the fact that I am not a native English speaker. I have my editors and mentors to thank for the same and I doubt I would have performed as well as I did without constant feedback and constructive criticism which I absorbed and incorporated in my work and work ethics.

Read more on my journalism profile.

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