To Pritish Nandy…

Hello Sir,

I wish they would listen to you and stop the 60 hour documentaries and coverage of “tragic” families left behind. What I wish more is that viewers refuse to view the stuff they show.

What nobody’s saying is what everybody wants- a monitoring system and robust intelligence that ensures such attacks don’t happen every second year, that all citizens (as all pervasive as we can be and at the organizational level) get to have mock terrorism combat sessions almost like earthquake combat in Japan, and the speedy trial of the only on-site accused living.

In this wonderful “democracy” it seems a citizen’s primary role is to turn up and cast the vote every 5 years; then hand over their lives to the bidder with the highest votes… there is no referendum, no survey and no public portal which our leaders and thinkers consider seriously, where any and every citizen may state there opinion, at least in matters that concern national and individual security. Even if no constitution states so, the inability of a government to ensure safety of its citizens and armed forces is a violation of their duty to us.

No matter how much of a medium he may have been for more powerful forces elsewhere, it does not absolve him from the guilt of genocide, and if our investigators have not managed to find enough leads to go on with their work, they may as well as resign. If he hasn’t divulged information in year, probability theory states, he’s highly unlikely to do so ever again, possibly because there is no more to give. Besides, the FBI didn’t need a Kasab to point at Headley, neither did the Police of a small Italian town. It seems our political forces are all conspiring waiting for another Kandahar to happen, probably when some other regime is in power?

I don’t know how many commissions and enquiries later our “Human rights abiding” law will deign to announce him guilty, and how many Rupin Katyals will have died for fluke reasons by then, or whether he will still be within our territories by then.

A citizen who can’t help thinking.

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