Feminism is not for sale

It has always served in the interests of consumerism to place people in mutually exclusive boxes.
“The feminist” label is put in one such box. It commonly refers to men-hating, pants-clad, shark-like females.

The feminist label is deemed inconvenient for the entertainment, beauty, jewelry and fashion industries — the four industries that profit-hunkering businesses associate with women.

Males are consequently put in a box that tells them they must earn more than women, encourages their involvement in all things macho and dissociates them from any display of emotion, save for immature displays of male sexuality.

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4 thoughts

    1. It’s a combination of both.
      It’s partly how we’re raised, role models and positive re-inforcements while growing up, for instance, seeing a prominent male figure or even female figure in your life making sexist comments or treating boys and girls differently.
      Then again, with education and learning, meeting new people and understanding cultures, it’s possible to change ones beliefs and consciously stop being sexist.


      1. i agree with the first part: consider this- i hold a door open for a woman. am i being sexist?
        (btw, i joined this blog thing ten minutes ago, so i dont really know how to wordpress (am i doing it right?))


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