What is the significance of #satyamev jayate in our lives?

Nothing. It’s an episode that the urban proletariat will watch and forget after 10 days. For those 10 days there will be living room discussions, center table conferences, tea party “intellectual” talks.

Then life will go on as usual, people will continue to bribe and take bribes, without consciously breaking rules, they will continue to yearn for a boy, continue to wish their wives, daughters and daughters-in-law had at least a son, and continue to think men better than women.

Some will continue to seek dowry, implicit or explicit, indulge in foeticide, create one or many Draupadis.

My point is will writing letters and creating reality shows really change the fabric of the way minds of us Indians work? How many of us make subtle compromises and like to call them adjustments all the time with everything?

How many of our friends, mothers, aunts and sisters, daughters, grandmothers even, have heard in laws and random people tell them they were at fault for not giving birth to a human with 23 of 46 Y chromosome strands, in other words a boy?

Is it not enough that a woman must endure 36 weeks of child bearing and hours of labor to bring a life into this world, that the baby is healthy? Is it not a miracle to be able to create a child at all…?

Not so for many. And watching episodes of Satyamev Jayate will not really matter to those, who cannot rejoice in the act of creating life. Who did not see each day as the Lord’s miracle, who care only to give birth to men… Who can carry on their saga of destruction like them.

You know what was the most joyous day of my life? The day my mom told me that my dad had celebrated my birth as a miracle in his life. The day he stood up to his family and told them… ” my wife and I have decided to not have another child just so we can have a son. Our daughter is all I need and love. She will have only the best.”

It also makes me proud that my father was the only son-in-law of my maternal grandparents who was happy to have a daughter. All the others cried when they had their daughters.

Living with idealists rubs off on you. I have seen my parents fighting their way through to the top, not compromising on what they thought was wrong… They never lied, cheated or bribed. They never hurt another human being for selfish reasons or otherwise. And they taught their daughter to see black, white and all shades of gray, and to know which was what.

They have left material greed behind, becoming social misfits, trying to do the right thing. But I know, they are born half a century too early into this world. India is still far far behind. They are not ready for my parents yet. But someday, the legacy they leave behind will prove them way ahead of their times.

I’m proud of you both mom and dad. For teaching me what’s right and wrong and to fight for the truth. Always. People around me will and are comprimising. I won’t cave in. Ever.

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