Watching the grad walk…

So finally after a year of enduring the worst ISA team ever, mostly thanks to a few idiots in the team, they are all graduating… Believing they are the best God created just like gazillions before and after them.

That was my happiest most optimistic thought as I sat through two commencement ceremonies yesterday.

Strange, ‘coz most would expect sappy, emotional crap to ooze out, about how I’m going to miss my friends etc. etc.

But then, they’re my friends, and they will continue to remain so. It’s not like they won’t be a part of my life anymore. Yes, we may not stay on in the same city or even country, or the same office space anymore, but I am truly proud of what each of them has achieved… And hope to be part of every future achievement of theirs. So, yes, we may not see each other every day, but we’ll sure keep creating new memories with each other for the rest of our lives.

So these were the amazing people who helped me through my tough moments, worst moments, dripping mascara moments, happy birthday surprises, and every single day, making my life content.

But the people who made my life difficult everyday? Who put me through moments of hurt, made me feel small to prove themselves right? Who graduated in ultimate fan fare, who thought they have had a successful career and a successful two years at UTD?

Yeah, those are the guys I will be happy to see the last of. I am glad I don’t have to endure their common place thoughts any more, their ordinary, very normal existence anymore. I am glad that in the midst of their enormous routine of a normal existence, my abnormal rebellion will not shrink to 4 columns of a newspaper, that the truth which I see will not be forcefully crammed down my own throat until my shrieks sound like I praise them.

So, yes, thank the lord, I don’t have to stare down their pretentious faces and roll my eyes in an attempt at self defense, thinking when I meet meet them at a friends party and filling awkward silences just because.

At the same time, I think, there is one little debt I owe them. I owe them my ability to hold strong in the face of adversity. I owe them for making me realize my strength, in my ability to stand strong, if need be stand alone.
I owe them for showing me who my real friends are, will be. I owe them for teaching me lessons in diplomacy, in tact, in looking back on the misakes I made and to know to not make them anymore.

Indeed, weird and abnormal as it may sound, I thank them dearly, for showing me, very publicly, where I stand and who I am. For them, today, I know myself and those dear to me, better.

I have years to go before I graduate. But when I do, I want to read this post and treat it as an open, immature parting shot challenge to these “leader” oafs who garduated yesterday… Amit, Richa, In-my-face Surekha, bitchy Nikita, and the many others who belong to the same category, who think I think we’re friends, but we both know we’re not –

The next time we meet, I will still be me, as I am with all my flaws and eccentricities. But you – you will wish that you could be me.

For you will be stranded in the knowledge of your self importance and human intolerance.

Meanwhile, I will continue on an uphill climb through Life, where I’ll meet thousands of fools like you, who will nevertheless teach me something, and hundreds of those who will teach me with love, and continue to redefine and etch myself into someone you will be proud of.

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